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Official Rules of the Amateur Softball Association (ASA) (a copy is located in the concession stand) shall apply except for the following, which have been modified by the Association Board.


All board members, committee members, head coaches, assistant coaches and team parents MUST complete a volunteer application and submit it to the league secretary.

  • PETITE DIVISION—Must be 5 and cannot be 8 before January 1 of the current year. 
  • JUNIOR DIVISION—Must be 8 and cannot be 11 before January 1 of the current year.
  • INTERMEDIATE DIVISION—Must be 11 and cannot be 13 before January 1 of the current year.
  • SENIOR DIVISION—Must be 13 and up but cannot be 19 before January 1 of the current year and must be in school.


  1. No one shall use alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, profane language, be under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants, or conduct themselves in a manner deemed undesirable by the Board of East Des Moines Girls Softball during games or practice sessions. Anyone violating this section will be removed from the appropriate premises.
  2. No one shall be allowed to smoke on the playing fields or in the dugouts, at any time.


  1. All Head Coaches shall be approved by a majority board vote at least 2 weeks prior to drafts and tryouts if at all possible.
    1. Returning Head Coach in the same division.
    2. Assistant Coaches in the same division.
    3. Head Coach moving from another division.
    4. Assistant Coach moving from another division.
    5. New coaches.
  2. A Player Agent cannot permanently coach or assist in his/her division.
  3. The name of the Assistant Coach shall be given to the appropriate player agent at least one week prior to drafts or tryouts if at all possible.
  4. A Head Coach or Assistant Coach in one division cannot coach or assist in another division.
  5. Junior, Intermediate and Senior Divisions: An individual who agrees to coach and thereby secures a position on particular teams’ roster will be expected to perform the duties of a coach throughout the entire season.
  6. There shall be not more than 2 coaches for each team, with the exception of the Petite division. One will be Head Coach and the other will be the Assistant Coach. There will also be 1 responsible person from the team/league to assist in any other manner needed. Only these 3 people will be allowed with the team during the games.
  7. The Head Coach will have full responsibility for all equipment issued to the team. Equipment is required to be turned in on the last game of the season!
  8. The coaches shall see that all players are informed of all practices and games.
  9. The coaches of the HOME TEAM for each game will be responsible for preparing the fields for the game and putting ALL equipment, including bases, away after the game. The only time that bases will not be required to be put away is when there are more games on that field that same day.
  10. The coaches will see to it that their teams half of the field and spectator area is cleared of trash after each game, including the dugout.
  11. The coaches MUST conduct themselves in accordance with the Iowa Girls High School Code of Ethics.
  12. The coaches will be responsible for the conduct of the team’s players during warm-ups and game play.
  13. The Head Coach must notify the appropriate Player Agent of any disciplinary measures taken.
  14. The coaches must have a Team Parent for their team. They will provide the name and phone number to the appropriate Player Agent by the annual Parent’s Meeting, if at all possible.
  15. No coach will be required to wear a softball uniform.
  16. Scorebooks MUST be turned in to the appropriate Player Agent at their request and immediately following the team’s last scheduled game of the season.
  17. EACH TEAM MUST FIND 2 WORKERS, WHEN SCHEDULED, TO HELP IN THE CONCESSION STAND OR THE CURRENT GAME WILL BE FORFEITED! The schedule will be posted well in advance. Workers will report to the concession stand 10 minutes before game time.


Teams will be assigned as follows:

  1. Returning Head Coaches in that division receive their previous team only.
  2. Assistant Coaches in that division receive their previous team if the Head Coach is not returning.
  3. A parent with a child associated with a team.
  4. Coaches with no existing tie will be assigned by the appropriate Player Agent.


  1. Playing time:
    Players in each division must AVERAGE 2 innings per game by the end of the season. Each player must play 6 defensive outs and bat at least one time during each game. If a player shows up after the start of the game, the minimum play rule is not in effect for that player. Exceptions to this rule would be if the game is shortened due to run limit or umpire calling the game. Players will be credited with having played the following number of innings under the following circumstances:
    1. Failure to appear at a game when expected—The number of innings played in the game.
    2. Failure to appear at a game when excused or injured—2 innings.
    3. Failure to appear at a game when benched for discipline—2 innings.
    4. Innings played in a rained-out game will not be credited.
    5. If a player is injured, she will continue to be on the roster until a written note from a doctor is received saying that she can no longer play for the remainder of the season. This is to be presented to the Board. Player may return to the same team the following year.
  2. Pitching Rules
    1. Senior Division—Unlimited Pitching.
    2. Intermediate Division—Unlimited Pitching.
    3. Junior Division—10 innings per week. The week is Sunday through Saturday. If a team plays 3 or more games during the week, add 2 innings per game. (Ex: 3 games would be 12 innings; 4 games would be 14 innings.) Any pitch that is pitched by a relief pitcher will also be counted as an inning pitched. A makeup game reverts back to the week of the originally scheduled game.
    4. PITCHING/WALK RULE: (FOR JUNIORS ONLY) If a Junior Pitcher walks 3 batters in a row (NOTE: a hit batter counts as a walk), the 3rd batter will remain at home plate and the offensive coach will come out on the field to pitch to the 3rd batter. The Junior Pitcher will remain on the field to the side of the offensive coach. The batter will start with a new count. The batter must hit the ball into fair play or strike out. Umpires are allowed to call strikes. Once the 3rd batter hits the ball or strikes out, the Junior Pitcher will resume pitching to the 4th batter. The rotation will ONLY stop once a batter hits or strikes out against the Junior Pitcher. Once a batter hits or strikes out, the rotation will start over for that Junior Pitcher. She must then walk 3 more in order for the offensive coach to come back to pitch. Offensive coaches may wear a glove. If the offensive coach is hit by a fair ball in play, the ball will be considered dead and the batter must return to the plate with a new count with the offensive coach still pitching. Offensive coaches must make every attempt to move out of the way of a play (NOTE: This rule will override the 9th batter rule)
  3. Player Discipline:
    It is expected that players will be responsible members of their teams. At a minimum this requires attendance at practices and games. Coaches may bench a player for missing practice, for missing or being late to a game, or violating the Iowa Girls High School Code of Ethics. Coaches will be expected to use discretion in applying discipline and to recognize appropriate excuses. Head Coaches will notify the appropriate Player Agent of any disciplinary actions and reasons for them prior to the game or immediately following the game that the action was taken.
    1. ANYONE on the field that is caught blatantly swearing will be automatically benched for 2 games.

  4. Conflicts: 
    If a player or parent has a complaint, which cannot be resolved with the Head Coach, they should notify the Player Agent for that age division.
  5. Drafts and Tryouts:
    1. No trading is allowed.
    2. All girls entering the Junior, Intermediate or Senior division for the first time must attend tryouts. Any girl that is required to participate in tryouts and does not, will have her name drawn out of a hat and be assigned to a team as drawn at the end of tryouts. Girls must be registered or her name goes back into the draft.
    3. Girls not required to be at the drafts and tryouts are those who plan on staying on the same team/same division as the previous year, sisters of girls already on a team, and daughters of the Head Coach or Assistant Coach. If returning to the same division, but the girl wants on another team, she may try out.
    4. Player agents will provide division coaches with a list of girls required to tryout and a form showing the order in which teams will choose players. No allowances will be made for player conveniences in the upper division.
    5. Procedures for picking players:
      1. Picks start with any new team, then the last place team from the previous season and alternates last to first and first to last for the remainder of the draft rounds. In case of ties in team standings, the team with the fewest returning players gets the first draft choice. Any ties beyond that will be determined by flipping a coin.
      2. Established teams - The Head Coach’s daughter or granddaughter - IF NEW TO THE TEAM - must be picked in the THIRD round. The Assistant Coach’s daughter or granddaughter - IF NEW TO THE TEAM - must be picked in the FIRST round. The returning Head Coach’s and Assistant Coach’s daughters or granddaughters are placed in the last available roster slot or slots.
      3. If a player changes teams and secures a roster position due to an Assistant Coach freeze, the following occurs:
        1. The player goes to the Assistant Coach slot of the new team.
        2. The team to which the player now belongs will relinquish their SECOND round draft selection and the team from which the player departed will receive that second draft selection. The player chosen with this pick will be placed in the VERY LAST SLOT ON THE DRAFT FORM.
      4. If a coach has more than one daughter, one daughter goes to the freeze slot and all other daughters/granddaughters are placed in the last available roster slot or slots.
      5. Late sign ups—Girls are placed on a team in draft order.


In the Junior Division each team will bat each inning until 3 outs occur or until the ninth batter hits the ball. The inning ends when the batter crosses home plate, stops on 1st, 2nd or 3rd base safely, is tagged out, or when a member of the defending team makes a play to a lead base or a lead runner. If the ninth batter walks, the inning ends when the batter reaches 1st base. At the start of the next inning the ninth batter occupies 1st base with the other bases empty. When the ninth batter comes to bat, there will automatically be 2 outs. The Pitcher/Walk Rule will be applied if the ninth batter qualifies and the coach will come in to pitch even if it is the ninth batter.


There will be NO dropped third strike rule. Stealing is allowed to all bases (including home).

NOTE: only one base may be stolen per pitch. Any attempt to steal more than one base may result in the runner being tagged out while between bases. There will be a run limit per inning of 5. An inning ends when one of the following occurs: 3 outs, 5 runs or the ninth batter rule has been in effect. If the inning ends by a home plate steal to reach the run limit rule, the player who was up to bat will be the first person to bat the next inning if she did not complete her at-bat and she will start with a new count.


  1. Junior – 35 feet
  2. Intermediate – 40 feet
  3. Senior – 40 feet
  4. Senior – Optional 43 feet. An optional 43 feet throw down mound will be provided for those Senior level pitchers who choose to pitch from 43 feet. Once the pitcher has chosen to pitch from the 43feet, she must remain at that distance for the duration of the game. Any pitch from any distance other than the chosen 43 feet, will result in called ball. The pitcher must make her pitching distance decision at the beginning of each game.


  1. Time limit—No new inning shall start after 1 hour and 15 minutes, except in the case of a tie.
  2. A team will be declared winner if they are 8 or more runs ahead of their opponent at the end of 5 or more innings, or 15 or more runs after 3 innings.
  3. Two board members must be present at the fields in order to decide fitness of the grounds for beginning a game.
  4. Games called by Umpires:
    1. Petite Division—TWO complete innings shall be a legal game.
    2. Junior Division—TWO complete innings shall be a legal game.
    3. Intermediate & Senior Division—FIVE complete innings shall be a legal game.
  5. Any 2 board members may call off any game due to darkness or weather. Umpires may call games as well, except for Petite games. The game, when rescheduled, will be played over from the start if not deemed a complete game. (See A, B & C above for complete game definition.)
  6. Rescheduling—Games will be rescheduled by the Player Agent only. This may be due to weather or when a team is left with fewer that seven players because of conflicting school activities (excluding sports or tournament play). Games will be rescheduled at a time assigned by the Player Agent. If one of the teams refuses to play at the rescheduled time, the game must be forfeited.
  7. Short Players—EXAMPLE: There must at least 7 players at a game or that game is forfeited. If a team is short players for a game, a team may bring up the oldest girls from the next lowest division if they are not scheduled to play. These girls may not catch or pitch for the team on which they are substituting without both coaches’ approval. (NOTE: An out must be taken for every player short of the legal 9 players).
  8. Forfeits—The umpire shall declare a forfeit if a team has failed to appear or refuses to play a game at a scheduled time.


  1. Players must be in complete uniform when it has been issued to be eligible to play.
  2. Batting helmets with a face guard and chin straps must be worn by the batter and all base runners, on deck batters, and girls coaching bases at all times at games and at practices!
  3. No steal cleats are allowed at all!!!
  4. All players may wear BLACK shorts ONLY if they also wear sliders and a kneepad. Players are responsible for providing their own pants, shorts, sliding shorts and sliding pads (if shorts are worn).
  5. Safety base must be used at all times.
  6. Shirttails MUST be tucked in at all times.


The distance between bases for all divisions will be 60 feet.


Any harassment of the umpires will not be tolerated. Spectators, players, coaches or Board Members harassing umpires will be asked to leave the ballpark. If a second infraction occurs, being banned from the ballpark altogether may occur.


  1. The intent to protest must be made verbally to the umpire and the opposing Head Coach BEFORE THE NEXT PITCH.
  2. Formal protests shall be filed in writing with the appropriate Player Agent within 48 hours after the protested action. Score books must also be turned in.
  3. The protest shall be heard at a time and place determined by the Board and shall be decided on the basis of a vote by the Board members within 7 days of receiving the written protest.
  4. The coaches of both teams and the umpire involved in the protested game will be given the opportunity to participate at the protest hearing. Other witnesses to the protested action may also participate.
  5. A judgment call cannot be protested.

The scorekeeper shall be responsible for keeping the game score in a manner which clearly shows the playing time of each player. Each player’s name and number shall appear in the batting line up. The scorekeeper must write the time the game begins, when substitutes are made, and the inning they came into the game. Each team shall provide a scorekeeper for each game. IT IS REQUIRED THAT THE HOME TEAM SCOREKEEPER SIT BEHIND THE BACKSTOP. The home team will be the official scorekeeper.


Each EDM league team will be expected to participate in the operation of the concession stand and/or gate and parking lot activities during any EDM hosted softball tournaments. Schedules will be assigned by the board. Failure to appear will result in a forfeit of their next scheduled league game.


Teams tied for placement at the end of the year will be placed based on the number of times each team defeated the other. If this results in a tie, placement will be decided with a playoff game. All normal league rules and ASA rules shall apply for the schedule playoff game.


East Des Moines Girls softball will allow “out-of-town” teams to participate in regular league play in the INTERMEDIATE and SENIOR divisions only. These teams must comply with any applicable EDM league age requirements. Consult the East Des Moines Girls Softball board for details on league duties (i.e. concession stand and petite umpiring) required as an “out-of-town” league team.



All coaches, parents and spectators are requested to be constantly aware that the players in the Petite Division are very young. They are beginners in the task of learning and developing softball skills. They are also beginners in the process of developing their attitudes and approach to the game and to their opponents.


  1. Pitching distance will be 35 feet. Bases will be 60 feet. Petite pitcher must stand in the pitching circle and can move defensively ONLY after the ball has been released. An 18 foot diameter circle will be chalked.
  2. 11 inch ball will be used.
  3. Any bat used will follow the ASA rules and be marked SOFTBALL. Exception: Only Petites may use the T-ball bats.
  4. When chalking the field, there MUST be chalk lines in the following areas:
    1. Line must be chalked halfway between 1st and 2nd.
    2. Line must be chalked halfway between 2nd and 3rd.
    3. Line must be chalked halfway between 3rd and home.


  1. All players must be listed on the batting lineup and remain in the same order throughout the game.
  2. No player or coach from the opposing team may yell “SWING”.
  3. Each team will have an adult pitcher who will pitch to his/her team.
  4. Base umpire must be furnished if requested by the plate umpire. First option— home team. Second option—Visitors. COACHES INVOLVED WITH EITHER TEAM CANNOT FULFILL THIS OBLIGATION. The base umpire must be at least 18 years of age. If the plate umpire requires base umpires, they must be available at game time. Game time starts if they are on the field or not.


The HOME TEAM is responsible for providing a plate umpire. The VISITING team may provide an umpire in-the-field but is not required.


  1. Petite division will not keep score during regular league play. NOTE: scorebooks will still be used to keep track of playing time and positions during regular league play.
  2. Game time is 1 hour and 15 minutes. No new inning may start after that time. If innings start before that, both teams will bat (unless agreed upon by both coaches. Games delayed by darkness or weather may be rescheduled for the remaining time left unless 1 inning has been completed or 1 hour and 15 minutes have passed.
    1. A team must have 7 players to play a game.
    2. All players on a team will bat each inning, except when two teams have an unequal number of players. In that situation each team will bat the number of the players on the largest team. The remaining players on the smallest team will bat first in the order the next inning. (EXAMPLE: Team A has 12 players and Team B has 10. Team B will bat 12 players with #1 and #2 batting twice in the first inning. Following rotation— When Team B bats in the 2nd inning, they will start with batter #3 and bat a total of 12 players.)
    3. Last Batter: If the last batter gets a hit and reaches 2nd or 3rd base safely (they must be ON THE BASE), she starts the next inning on 1st base. The last batter must be rotated. In other words, a coach cannot select the same player as the last batter in every game.
    4. Balls and Strikes: No balls will be called by the umpire. The umpire will only call strikes when the batter swings and misses or on a foul ball as in the standard rules. There will be no called pitch strikes, meaning the umpire will not call a strike if the batter does not swing. After each strike called, the umpire will let the batter know how many strikes they have.
    5. After May 15th, each batter will be limited to 8 decent pitches.
    6. The players turn at bat cannot end with a foul ball, UNLESS it is caught.
    7. Base Running—With any ball hit in the infield (inside baselines), the batter/runner may advance as far as 2nd base regardless of any overthrows. The batter/runner may advance to 2nd base at the risk of being put out. There will be no base stealing. This does not apply to the last batter. (Example: The batter/runner hits an infield ground ball, the defensive player makes a play at 1st base where an overthrow occurs. The coach sends the runner to 2nd base and the defense makes an attempt to put out the runner at 2nd base where the ball goes into the outfield. The runner CANNOT advance to 3rd base.) If other runners occupy bases at the time of the hit, they may advance at will but risk being put out any time by the defense. On any outfield hit (the ball must reach the grass) the batter/runner may advance as far as possible. Once an attempt to get the ball to the pitcher is made, all runners must stop at the base they are going to if they have passed the halfway mark. If they have NOT passed the halfway mark, they must return to the last base they passed.
    8. Players will receive one warning for throwing the bat. After that, the player will be called out.


  1. A team shall consist of all defensive players whose positions shall be designated as follows: pitcher, catcher, 1st baseman, 2nd baseman, 3rd basemen, shortstop and the rest will be outfielders. Every girl will be rotated to play each position at least 3 innings during the season. The exception to this is the pitcher, catcher and 1st baseman. These need to be rotated with at least 4 different players throughout the season.
    1. No defensive player can play in front of the adult pitcher until after the ball is hit.
  2. One defensive coach is allowed on the field during play. Their job is to position players prior to the pitch and must not interfere with play. This defensive coach can give no directions while the play is in progress. They must be out of the infield area at all times. If a coach interferes with a play or gives instructions from the field, he/she will be asked to leave the field after a first warning is given. All effort should be made to keep the game progressing at its normal speed.
  3. Offensive pitcher will stand near the pitching mound. Each team will use an adult pitcher who will pitch the ball to the batters from a position in front of the mound but inside the circle. The adult pitcher will not participate in any way other than to pitch the ball to the batters. ANY BALL THAT HITS THE DEFENSIVE COACH/ADULT PITCHER IS IMMEDIATELY DEAD. Play will resume with all circumstances as they were prior to the pitch, which the batter hit.
    1. Any ball touched by a coach or adult is dead.
    2. A throw to or an attempted throw to the pitcher in the circle ends the play. (See 4g for rule on base runners.) This is a judgment rule by the umpire and cannot be appealed.
    3. The player/pitcher will perform all of the defensive tasks except pitching the ball to the batter. Other defensive players will return the ball to the player/pitcher, who will hand the ball to the adult pitcher.


There may be up to 4 coaches for the Petites. One will be Head Coach and the other 3 will be assistants. Suggested responsibilities: One coach will pitch, one coach will remain in the dugout while the other two coaches act as the base coaches.


Any adult pitcher may wear a glove on the field only to protect themselves from the ball if hit at them. They must try their best to move out of the way of the ball.

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