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Wee Ball League Rules

The objective is to introduce younger players to the game of Softball/baseball. To encourage parent involvement and most of all, to have fun!!!

No new inning shall be started after 45 minutes.
Home team is listed last on the schedule



NOTE: anyone that is not hitting the ball (batter) is to be IN THE DUGOUT.
Each batter will hit the ball off the tee, drop the bat and run to 1st base.
The next batter hits the ball off the tee, drops the bat and runs to 1st base.
The runner on 1st base runs to 2nd base. And so forth. Everyone bats with the last batter running all the way around the bases. The last batter is to be changed each game. Runners are allowed to take one base at a time. There are no outs.


Team is positioned around the infield (no player shall be positioned at the Catcher position). The player who retrieves the ball hit by the batter runs it back to the adult/coach at the pitching mound and then returns to their position. The adult/coach brings the ball to home plate and gets the ball ready for the next batter. This continues for each batter until all players have had a chance to bat, which ends the half inning.


At least 5 ADULTS should be on the field as follows: Pitcher, Catcher, 1st base, 2nd base and 3rd base. In addition, there should be a parent and/or coach in each dugout. At the end of the game each team will take a turn lining up at home plate to run the bases and calling out each base as they run them (1st, 2nd, 3rd and home).

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EDM Girls Softball Complex